September 2018 | Bristol & Detention Centres

Every year 30,000 people are locked up indefinitely for nothing more than not yet having correct immigration papers. 
Many of these people are taken from communities in major cities including Bristol.
The UK is the only country in Europe to detain people who have committed no crime, with no time limit.
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What will happen?
Over 5 consecutive days in September 2018, people in Bristol will be able to step into The Channel phone booth to send and receive voice messages with people who are currently in indefinite detention in UK immigration centres.
Listen. Ask a question, offer an answer, share a thought, a feeling, a memory, an idea... Then come back and listen again.
You'll meet other people in Bristol who want to end immigration detention. This is a chance to imagine what we could do together to make that possible.
When / Where ?

Sept 15th & 16th 11am-5pm

Broadmead: The New Room courtyard at John Wesely's Chapel, BS1 3JE

Sept 17th 12-6pm

College Green, with interactive art installation from Abdullah Bash

Sept 19th & 20th 12-6pm

Junction 3 Library, Easton

With free Somali street food from Somali Kitchen (19th September, 3-6pm)

What next?

Sept 27th 6-9pm

Borderlands, Lawfords Gate BS5 0RE

These Walls Must Fall: How we will end detention

Come to a community meeting where we'll hear stories of those surviving and fighting the UK's hostile immigration, and decide how we as a community will take action.

Are you at risk of detention?

Or is someone you know at risk?

The Channel and Right to Remain are hosting a workshop on Preparing in Case of Detention. For anyone who is at risk of detention, and for those who directly support them such as family members and volunteers.

27th September

2-3:30pm at Borderlands, Lawfords Gate BS5 0RE

Thank You
These events have been developed in partnership with Right to Remain, with the advice and guidance of Freed Voices, Detention Action, Borderlands and countless individuals in Bristol and beyond who have been/are at risk of detention, and are campaigning for change. Thank you for your generosity and wisdom.
With support from the Bristol Cultural Investment Fund and Lush Charity Pot.

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