The Channel invites you to communicate with people who you are kept apart from by the violence of borders and the hostility of the UK immigration system.

What happens

Step into a phone booth to send and receive voice messages with people who you're separated from, and record your own in response.
Listen. Ask a question, offer an answer, share a thought, a feeling, a memory, an idea...
Then come back and listen again.
You'll meet other people in your community who want to overcome these barriers and create an alternative to a hostile immigration system. This is a chance to imagine how we could achieve that in our community.

Where / When ?

In 2016 The Channel brought people in Oxford into contact with people in the Calais Migrant camp, on the day the 'Calais wall' was announced. [more]
In September 2018 we will connect people in Bristol with people in UK Immigration Removal Centres (detention centres). [more]
We hope to open The Channel in other locations where the border regime, fear, or a failure of democracy keep people apart. Please contact us if you want us to visit you.

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